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Simplify your business and reclaim your time!

Building a business is not always fun. But I believe that if you setup things right for you, this journey can be very enjoyable!

I have built myself a system that helps me to live my ideal life on a daily basis!

How do I do it and how I got started? Well… I had to invest a lot in myself!

If you want to do the same,
If you want me to share my secrets…

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Hi, I am Nicolas Thành 😇

I realised that as a young entrepreneur and business owner, our biggest disillusion is that people surrounding us (parents, friends, teachers or our employees) cannot really help us to solve our problems.

We are always struggling alone and it has to be in silent because if we speak up and share your problems, people may laugh at us or they may take advantage of the situation.

But I discovered over the years that it is simply not true. The problem we are all facing when we have a business is that:

  • We ask the wrong questions,
  • We ask to the wrong people,
  • We don’t know how to listen to the answers.

I wasted many years like this. That is why I opened this blog.

Your questions finally answered!

Find in this blog all the questions I have (and that you may have too!) about entrepreneur’s life. Each article is my most authentic answer, at a specific moment.

When reading an article, you can comment or reach out to me and I will be happy to share more or to even add more info if you have another point of view or experience.

This blog will share to the world the answers I collect so that other struggling entrepreneurs, can secretly read my findings and move forward.

The world needs more happy entrepreneurs!

I would love seeing more people opening more businesses, even side hustles or small freelancing services. I want to help those who dare to start something and help them be really happy about their own creations!

If you are an entrepreneur, please do your best to embrace this journey that goes up and down. If at any stage in your adventure you need help, chances are some articles in this blog can help you as much as they helped me.

You can always reach out to me!

More about me 👋

I am French with Vietnamese origins (half Viet – adopted father – long story!)

In Move To Asia video, I share about my stories around being half French and half Vietnamese, born and raised in France and arriving in Vietnam since 2012: not fully rejected, not fully accepted…

I co-hosted a podcast for 1 year: “Creators in Saigon”

This one year experience as a podcast host has taught me that I was struggling at asking questions and listening to others !!! Or I should say, that by asking questions and by listening to others stories, I could really reflect on my own personal perspective of things and this was very insightful.

Here are two articles I wrote about my podcast experience:

Go Listen To My Podcast: Creators In Saigon!

Podcast Versus Blog for Evergreen Content

After my studies, I moves to Vietnam to build my business

These podcast episode are introducing me about spending 8 years as an entrepreneur in Vietnam. Was I a really happy entrepreneur? I let you judge.

Living in Vietnam and building my business has taught me a lot and I am really grateful and still reviewing everyday how rewarding and life changing this experience is.

I am active in the French Expat community in Vietnam

Coming from France and arriving in Vietnam, all my questions about preparation or living in Vietnam were answered thanks to Facebook groups.

So I could not resist to help back other fellow Frenchies starting their expatriation in Vietnam and resharing what I have learned about my life in Vietnam!

Below is the blog introducing the group and more info:

I am active in the French Expat Vietnam Community

I am the founder and owner of former “Dablend Hostel” in Saigon

Building a hostel in Vietnam was not part of my initial plans. But this happened and I have reflected many times about it on the different podcasts episodes above and in the article and video below!

I have studied business management, but owning and operating a hostel in Vietnam means you need to also learn about the culture and learn to adapt very fast!

these 4 lessons below I still apply them today. Very valuable experience!

4 Lessons Owning a Hostel in Vietnam Taught Me

I have transitioned from Hospitality to ERP Project Management

After my hostel shut down due to Covid, I was looking for opportunities online and in the business automation industry.

My vision was that in the next 10-20 years; no business would be using pen-and-paper anymore and entrepreneurs would need profiles like me to share with them how to transition to IT solutions.

That’s how I ended up becoming Project Manager for ERP Implementations. ERP stands for “Entreprise Resource Planning”. I knew nothing about IT but my high interest in business automation and great knowledge of “owning a business” and “managing teams” was appreciated.

More and more entrepreneurs are not business owners, they work full time but they are bringing amazing value to the company they contribute to!

I have reflected on this in an article on my blog:

Can You Be An Entrepreneur While Working Full-time?

My mission today 🚀

Helping overwhelmed entrepreneurs to simplify their business so they can reclaim their time and be the happiest entrepreneurs!

Today, my main goals and challenges are to live an ideal everyday life (and not to wait I am 60 and retired for this), be a healthy and wealthy person (I’m not talking figures! I’m talking emotions) and to contribute to make our world a better place. I am documenting all about this on this blog.

You can always find more about me and reach out to me via social medias, find profiles @nicolasthanhg

Have fun!

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