Hello guys,

November is usually a weird moment in the year. We are tempted to just let go of everything and end the year just “as is”. Halloween is just over, for French people they just had 2 weeks of holidays (yes) and soon it’s Christmas.

For students it’s exam time so they are still hustling, For entrepreneurs maybe you just want to prepare next year…

But the year is not over! It’s only November!

You have 2 months left; 8 weeks.. or 60 days left to keep making an impact, keep pushing for results and get your goals all done.

Before Christmas people buy gifts so if you sell anything think that you can do nice Christmas gifts.

60 days is perfect to start a new good habit or stop a bad one!

If you don’t know about it, read this amazing book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear!

He explains, and it’s backed by science by the way… that it takes 66 days to fully integrate a new habit. Actually I recommend you read his book but also check his blog, it’s a very very great resource if you are trying to become a better version of yourself at the moment.

So imagine that you decide to stop smoking or stop eating fast food or you want to start jogging or meditating; then you have until the end of the year to still make an impact and making it last!

Imagine yourself starting the next year with this new GOOD habit already in your daily life. It’s one less yearly resolution to make.

Here is what you can do:

Take my Free Entrepreneur Challenge!

I believe this is the perfect moment to remind everyone that my free entrepreneur challenge is still available and you can start it now!

The challenge itself is only 3 days, but it’s going to be 3 small things that will transform your perspective on how to change your life.

The link to join here:

Happiest Entrepreneur Challenge Nicolas Thanh

I wish everyone a great end of the year, and if you read this in the middle of June, note that it’s the same logic, the math are just a bit different ;)!

Have fun,