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Dec 31, 2020Entrepreneurship, Meetups, My Projects

Learn how to solve your problems from exchanging with other entrepreneurs.

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If we don’t meet between entrepreneurs… we miss a chance to achieve our dreams and succeed in our projects.

For many of us, unlike many people think, we don’t become entrepreneurs for the money or for the fame. Usually, we have inner goals, passions, visions and opinions to defend behind our projects. And along with it, we have big preoccupations such as; finding customers, reducing our stress, managing our team, making big decisions, being able to spend time with our family, etc.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for my entire career and I’ve been through many different stages in my projects and I’ve always felt that if money was the only motivation, I’d have rush into finding a finance or marketing job somewhere and never return to being an entrepreneur. Because entrepreneurship is beyond what the outside world think in terms of efforts, stress, proactivity, adaptability, humility, commitment (etc.) required to succeed.

And this got me thinking… A lot of the successes I have were happening because of the people around me. Sometimes, it was a complete stranger giving his fresh perspective. But most of the time, other entrepreneurs where the ones I was listening to because I could instantaneously connect with.

So don’t underestimate the power of your network. These Meetups for entrepreneurs are tailor-made to assist us along our journey to success, happiness and above.

For example, during the first meetup we discussed about “how to choose the right price for your product or service?” and everybody shared their input which helped us realize that we could all learn from others perspective.

Last meetup, Martial Ganière (CEO of Spiced Co-Working Space) gave us a small introduction to the “test of Grunt” so we could know what to improve on our websites within 30 seconds! This lead to many meaningful discussions between entrepreneurs of all levels; from big investors, founders of language centers in HCMC, solopreneurs like me, etc.

Every meetup is going to be different, interesting and fun. Email to join the next one!

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More about me

My name is Nicolas Thành, I’m based in Vietnam since 2012, I’m a 28 year-old French-Vietnamese, married to a Vietnamese and Saigon explorer-insider. I’ve built businesses in HR consulting, hospitality and tourism, e-commerce, events, F&B, etc. I can speak three languages (guess which ones…). 

 These Meetups for entrepreneurs are born from the idea that entrepreneurs benefit from meeting each other to solve their unique problems; finding customers, make decisions, recruiting a team, franchising, automating, raising money, learning the right skill, etc.

And the best of all that? It’s going to be entrepreneurs who will teach each other, based on their own experiences. Our community is all about helping each other, having fun and learning a lot!

What do we talk about?

Our meetups for entrepreneurs are every time different and the topic is usually chosen with someone from our community, who believe he has learnt a lot from others and want to return the favor.

The organisation is simple:

First part (1h) We gather all together for a mini-talk leading to a practical exercise or a discussion. The speaker is usually one of us or an outsider expert. This is great when we are 15-20 people and everybody is on time so we can fully gain value out of our conversations.

Then (1h) we usually gather around food and beverages to keep conversations going in a more “networking” kind of setup.

This way, we are sure to offer a free event, not too long and more dynamic. Nobody is really passive and everyone is invited to share about their own entrepreneurs stories.

Wanna join our community or become a speaker?

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