Hey guys,

In this article, you are invited to take part of a new experiment: You will turn off your phone notifications for a full day! And I’m going to guide you through it.

Why you should turn off phone notifications?

Notifications means messages or news or notices. They are important, but they are distracting you. All this time wasted “chatting”, waiting for the other to reply, etc. It’s time you don’t use for focusing.

Plus, re-focusing after being distracted once is very hard.

You need all your limited time and energy dedicated to your “hell-yeah” things (cf my other article on this amazing happiness tip). I don’t think checking emails is making you necessarily happy. So this should be secondary and scheduled.

Can you turn off your phone notifications for a full day?

So here is how this will be done:

  1. Schedule two daily sessions of 1 hour each where you will be allowed to check emails and messages:
    1. Morning: 1 hour before lunch,
    2. Afternoon: 1 hour before ending your work-day.
  2. For the phone, for the rest of the day, you have the choice:
    1. Plane mode (simple)
    2. Silent mode (more tricky: answer only your closest relationships or people you expect to call you)
  3. For notifications:
    1. Open your device Settings and disable the “badges” and the “sounds” (simple)
    2. Open the messaging apps and spammy ones ⇒ Preferences ⇒ Notifications ⇒ turn off.
  4. This article is only for working hours, the rest of your day, you can do however you want. Of course, I suggest you try also for personal times too.

What will happen when you turn off phone notifications?

If you frame this into two daily sessions as indicated above, you will not only get your things done, but free the rest of your day for more important things.

In the end, the more focused you are the more productive you become. The more productive, the more value you have for your business and the more money you can make.

Remember, the only thing we have both in common you and me with someone like Elon Musk is our 24 hours in our day!

So go ahead, try for one day this focusing hack! Let me know how it goes!
And if you have any question, please use the comment section below or message me directly <3

Have fun!



Read or listen to the book “Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy. It is a very short one and probably the most simple and accessible resource I found on “productivity” and “focus”.

Here is a summary if you want to catch the key takeaways:

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