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3 days of productivity challenge

Day 1: Map Your Day to Build Your Ideal Life

Instantly understand how to simplify your day and apply my best time management hacks.

I have prepared a fun and easy challenge for Day 1. It’s a mix of mind mapping and analysis, I hope you like it!

Day 2: Eliminate the Unpleasant from your days

It’s time to do things that you truly enjoy. You deserve it, but can you make it happen?

Complete in-real-life tasks to learn the power of eliminating & making decisions. Your days will become much more pleasant after this challenge.

Day 3: Turn off phone notifications: Focus and Reclaim your time!

Challenge yourself to focus & control your own time by taking over the big topic of phone notifications.

If you survive this challenge, you will gain effectiveness, reduce stress in your life and become more productive.


Build your foundations to reach bigger goals:

We all seek to get more money, more love, less stress, more of life and more time!!

But for what purpose exactly?

I’ve listed some examples of big goals I still have myself:

Retire early. Why waiting 60+ to start enjoying yourself? If you have more control over your time, you can do things you enjoy right away.

Find your Ikigai asap. Why not finding a fulfilling mission now? No more bullshit jobs or meaningless daily lives that will make us burnt-out in 2-5 years.

Prioritise yourself before anything else. Don’t you want to take care of your health, to learn new things, to explore the world, to take care of your family… before work?

So the end goal is not just money or time, it’s happiness!

This challenge is meant to help you get started on this journey and understand how you can simplify your life, reclaim your time and smile everyday.

Start with small steps today and make a big impact tomorrow!

Just so you know, I took this challenge myself. It has transformed my life and I became more aligned, happy and fulfilled. This is all I wish you can accomplish for yourself.

Why do I know this challenge works?

Because I have been following these 3 steps. And here are some of the results:

A better understanding why “working more” doesn’t help me achieve my goals in life and how I could simply become the happiest entrepreneur everyday.

  • I had more time for myself and more time to learn new things and take care of my health.
  • I could focus on what mattered to me, get closer to my “end-goal” and do things I truly like.
  • I managed to increase my value and find more revenues and more financial stability.

I am just at a stage where I know enough to have proven results that I can share with the world but I do not know everything about this. So by sharing with you I am also learning! Thank you for this.

So if you’re just starting, you can follow this 3 step challenge and email me with more questions. It is a journey ✅


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