Interview from Guillaume  – Move To Asia: Open and Run a Hospitality Business in Vietnam

2022 is the year where Vietnam has finally reopened its borders to international tourism following a step-by-step plan called “binh thuong moi” (the new normal) in order to safely reopen and safely welcome travelers back to Vietnam.

Within this context, Move To Asia is helping investors and entrepreneurs to find business opportunities in Vietnam. And the hospitality sector is back in motion after 2 years of inactivity.

That is how this interview is framed: sharing how to open and run a hospitality business in Vietnam and see how interesting it could be to invest in the tourism and hospitality sector in 2022 in Vietnam.

In this video:

  • Moving to in Vietnam 10 years ago (2012) from France.
  • DaBlend Hostel concept (my former business)
  • Why tourism is a relevant business opportunity for 2022
  • Lessons learned over 4 years running the business
  • Offline versus Online for sales and marketing
  • What would I do differently today.

I hope you enjoyed this video and that you could learn more about my experience as a hostel owner in Saigon.

The link of my article I mention in the video is here:


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