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“There is an easier way to make more money and live better.”

Nicolas Thanh | Entrepreneur Coach

It is time we stop hustling and believing that working harder will “get you there”. Join me on a journey where we learn to reclaim our time, work less and live better.

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Scale your business Vietnam Nicolas Thanh

I am a Hostel Owner reconverted into an IT Project Manager.

I transitioned from the hospitality industry to the IT industry during the covid-19 pandemic. Within the blog, you will find a lot of articles related to this transition and the learnings behind reusing your skills and making important decisions for your life.

Effectively work with Vietnamese Nicolas Thanh

I am mixed French-Vietnamese who arrived in Vietnam in 2012.

I decided to start my career in Saigon _ Vietnam _ and start my own business. I have learned Vietnamese and now I have a family here. The new perspective I get from being settled in Vietnam as a French Expat drives a lot of my discoveries.

Build successful business Vietnam Nicolas Thanh

I am building in public hoping to make a bigger impact!

Instead of spending months preparing a course and launching it the traditional way, I have decided to build my coaching program in public. My goal is to help entrepreneurs to work less and live a more aligned and happy life.