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Helping you to better understand your business to make smarter decisions.

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Hi! I’m Nicolas Thành, Entrepreneur Coach,

I realized that most entrepreneurs need guidance at some point in their career.
And the vast majority of us may not know how to ask for help.

But this problem can cost us a lot of harm to ourselves, people around us and our businesses.

So that’s why I decided to create an ongoing support system for entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals.

No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey!

List of Articles:

How I organize my day: My Morning (part 1)

How I organize my day: My Morning (part 1)

how I organise my day. What my days look like at the moment? If I can manage multiple projects at the same time while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I thought it could be interesting to share it with you so you can learn from it, eventually copy it or adapt it to your own daily schedules.
My days are far from being perfect but it’s an opportunity to picture today in order to improve tomorrow.

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