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If you are searching to meet someone who can give you valuable inputs about your new ideas or give you a hand on your current and complex problems; business or personal related matters: I am here!

My role as a coach or consultant is to come up with actionable and suitable solutions that will support you and your brand on the long run.

You can count on my 8 years of experience in consulting, hospitality and online businesses and my multicultural profile. From my personal experiences as an entrepreneur in Saigon, I can become your mentor, advisor, assistant or manager.

Whatever helps to solve your problems…



Find your long term plan the one that will make your business activity more stable and successful.

Nicolas Thanh Event Jump in Vietnam

One strategy I applied and that worked!

My first business was called Jump in Vietnam. The first year, I was doing okay… The biggest problem I encountered was that my business model wasn’t suitable with my vision.

So after analysing my situation, I decided to shift from an internship placement agency to become a head hunting company.

The difference was huge because instead of having to get students with low purchasing power as clients, I was now dealing with small and medium sized businesses who could afford my services and become returning clients every year and recommend me to other companies…

As a result, that transition didn’t change my processes that much (I was still recruiting people) but that kickstarted my business for real. Actually it was even better because students could get free services from my agency!

Imagine that we could get a coffee and discuss similar plans for your business: effortless solutions that can boost your activity in a timely manner. With my help, you could even avoid to make the wrong decisions in the first place…


It’s time to truly understand your audience, convert them into clients, returning customers and have them recommending you to their friends.

The day I finally understood my audience…

I remember when I was getting started with DaBlend Hostel, I had customers coming without understanding how they would find me or how they liked my place. I even remember feeling ashamed to ask people to review my place because of that.

That situation changed when I started building my community and started talking with my guests with a honest mindset and genuine approach.

After a while, I could collect enough information to understand which social media to focus on or what people like the most about my hostel.

In the end of the entire process, I could automate my entire marketing process, knowing exactly how to advertize and where to post. And instruct my staff exactly what to introduce to the guest, what event to create or activities to offer.

When it comes to sales and marketing, more than following your intuitions, assumptions and experiences, you need proper data and planning. And for that, I can help you building a proper system to backup all the information you may need.


Achieve more and on the long run, with less efforts, more automation.

Once you are overloaded, it’s time to automate or scale up!

During the year 2018, I remember achieving my dream: DaBlend Hostel was ranked the number 1 hostel in HCMC on Hostelworld!

What a joy! Bookings were accumulating, travelers even walked in the hostel hoping for staying in sofas because they heard the hostel was amazing.. We were so happy and amazed!

But we were also tired and not prepared! What a mess! It was too hard to keep following our processes and maintain the customer satisfaction without stress, tensions in the team, bad management decisions, etc.

So, our team had no other solution: we had to review all our workflows, operations and automate, bring technology into the equation and optimize everything.

For the next season, the hostel was ready for scaling up, opening to new services, etc.

And you? Is there times where you are overloaded and you or your team has too much on their plate? Maybe it’s time to automate, scale up, optimize… Let’s discuss that together. I would be more than honored to support you on this exiting journey.

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