Question from Minh, Vietnamese Street Sushi Restaurant in Binh Duong, Vietnam:

“I don’t know how to do marketing to grow my business more”

I met Minh recently, who just opened a small street food sushi place at his house, in Binh Duong city, near Saigon in Vietnam.

Asking him how the business is going he said something like “not many customer”.

I asked if he was doing any marketing? He said no.

Reminder: “If people don’t know about your place, they will not come to eat at your place. Even if it is the best food in the world.”

And then he said: “I don’t know how to do marketing to grow my business more”

Step 1: Become visible

If anyone types your business name on Google or on Facebook or else, they should find you in the first results.

This is rather easy to achieve if you have a Google Maps localisation or a Facebook Page.

  1. Make sure your name is the same across all your pages.
  2. Claim your pages (be the owner / administrator) of these pages: take the control.
  3. Ensure the logo / profile picture is the same everywhere (so there is no doubt it’s you!)
  4. Make sure the informations are correct: phone, address, email, booking link, opening hours, etc.

Why you need to do this?

Because when you set your name, logo and info correctly; you give yourself the chance to be easy to find, people can trust that this is your page and order at the right time, to the right restaurant.

This takes 10 minutes to do.

Step 2: Get 10 Reviews Online

If possible, get 10 reviews on each of your pages: Facebook and Google.

However, do not get fake or incomplete reviews.

5 things you want to ask your reviewers to give your:

  1. 5 stars, because this is the only way to stand out!
  2. Mention one or two things that was delicious or amazing and that people should order. For example: “the sushi set for 100,000 VND is totally worth it! and it comes with unlimited ginger and free ice tea!”
  3. Share something that your shop should improve; if possible be specific, what to improve and what they expect. For example if a review says: “This place sucks” it is not helping anyone. It’s better if the person can take the time to explain why and how to improve: “This place sucks, because we had to move table as it is a small shop and our order arrived 15 minutes late, wrong order.” (from which you will be able to reply and justify / show you value feedback and appreciate their sincere comment)
  4. Post pictures of the place, the food and your experience.

If you don’t know who to ask, start with your friends and family. And if not enough, then start asking your customers today.

Explain them clearly what you expect, let them know that it’s fine if they refuse.

Asking for help from your customers will become something you will need to master if you want your customers to be 100% satisfied in the future.

Step 3: Join Communities

This is free marketing. Go online, on any social media and start joining the community of your choice to share about your business.

  1. Facebook Groups
  2. Google Groups (if that is still a thing)
  3. Zalo (specific to Vietnam)
  4. others…?

About Facebook Groups:

  1. Foodies groups: Foodies in Vietnam, etc.
  2. Neighbours groups: Saigonese, Expats in Vietnam, etc.
  3. Theme groups: Food review groups, etc.

Here are a few examples:

Facebook Group Community Perfect Marketing Tool Nicolas Thanh
Facebook Group Marketing Tool Nicolas Thanh
marketing to grow my business more nicolas thanh

How to post in Facebook groups:

  1. Read the group rules and policies! Make sure you don’t get banned.
  2. Introduce yourself, tag your place and share the details to order / eat on site.
  3. Share photos and reviews
  4. Explain what stands out with your place; the concept and what to expect.
  5. Invite people to try by giving a special offer for the group members! Something up to you!
  6. Comment on other people’s posts: share your advise, opinion, share the page / link of your restaurant as much as possible.

Speaking of community!

Any advise for Minh? What would you recommend him to do for his street food place?

Please share in the comment below!