The Hell Yes Technique:

Eliminate the unpleasant

Have you ever heard of this decision making technique called: “Hell yes, or no.”?

Or I remember it as the “hell-yes” technique. Here is how it works:

We are all busy… And we all don’t want to be busy. So by default, we need to eliminate the things we have on our plate. The best way I found to decide which option to choose is to follow my guts!

When we offer you Option A, how do you react? Is it “Hell, yeah! absolutely!” or is it a “Yes, sure, why not..” or a “no”?

  • If it’s “Hell yes!” then do it right away. Don’t wait and jump in!
  • If it’s a “why not” let the idea mature more; until it becomes a “hell yes”.
  • If it’s “no” don’t do it!

This 4 words “Hell yes, or no” comes from a book called “Anything You Want” from Derek Sivers.

It is very easy to implement!

What if you tried today?

For this week, imagine living only “hell yes” moments!

Todo: Grab your agenda or to-do list of the week (assuming it contains all the meetings and things you have scheduled and that you are going to do this week) and circle or mark in red the “hell yes”.

It should be pretty straight forward. These red circles should be at the center of your attention. Ensure that you devote your energy on these.

All the rest that is not a “hell-yes”; try your best to cancel them or if not possible: eliminate, postpone, delegate, etc.

By the end of the day, evaluate how you feel. Have you had more free time for yourself? How did you enjoyed your “hell-yes”?


Learn to eliminate the “maybe” and the “no” from your agenda so you can focus on the “hell yes”.

Imagine yourself in a few months!

Quickly, your days could be filled with mostly “hell-yes” moments and you’d have eliminated the unpleasant from your life.

Imagine living only “hell yes” moments, doing “hell yes” projects and working on “hell yes” ideas. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

To get started: you simply need to send me a picture of your agenda with these things in “red” and let’s see how it goes for you!

Have Fun!


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