[Edit 2022] Creators in Saigon Podcast has become “Creators in Vietnam”!

Many changes happened since this article has been published. The creators in Saigon podcast crew has split and the podcast changed name. Dana Drahos and me (Nico) are not cohosting anymore for many reasons explained here and here. And Tue-Si Nguyen still runs the podcast and has renamed it “Creators in Vietnam”.

Creators in Saigon Podcast: what was it about?

I wanted to write an article about Creators in Saigon Podcast and also my own perspective on co-hosting a podcast.

How did I end up co-hosting one of the most interesting podcasts in Saigon!?
How do you start a podcast and how can creating a podcast help your business?
What are the benefits of starting a podcast and should you start a podcast for your business?
Let me share more about my experience as a Creators in Saigon Podcast co-host.

Listen to the latest episode right now:

About Creators in Saigon Podcast:

Creators in Saigon podcast is a show based in the rapidly modernizing city of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, Co-hosted by Dana Drahos, Tue Si Nguyen, and Nicolas Thanh.

Together, they have weekly intimate conversations with creative entrepreneurs on all topics of the human experience, such as fear, creativity, sexuality, relationships, health, mental wellness, spirituality, and so much more. Join us as we open up and vulnerably share our experiences in order to figure out this thing called life.

How did I became co-host of Creators in Saigon

A story about creating opportunities for yourself.

In August 2020, I posted on Facebook the most naive question of all time: “Anyone knows any podcast in Vietnam, in Vietnamese or in English?” And the first comment was tagging Dana and Creators in Saigon!

So what I did was to start to listen, right away. The first amazing thing in this story happened when I realized I actually knew Creators in Saigon.

In fact, I already listened to one episode from John, a friend and former guest of DaBlend Hostel, who recently launched his Youtube Channel “VNYO!“!

Creators in Saigon VNYO

A message from Dana Drahos

Then, right after I started listening, I received a message from Dana, the host of the podcast itself, recommending me her favorite episode and explaining me she actually stopped podcasting to focus on her new business; life-coaching.

At this moment, I directly invited her to join my next meet-up on “Become Extraordinary” that I was co-hosting with Tue-Si Nguyen, and we were discussing business, personal development and work-life balance with young and promising talents in Saigon.

I actually recently made an article about meditation, and if I got started it was mainly because I was inspired by Tue-Si’s master-discipline with meditation.

Long story short, Dana joined our meet-up, we matched and we discussed how we could re-start and give a new perspective to Creators in Saigon!

She agreed and Tue-Si and I are now co-host with Dana, of Creators in Saigon Podcast!

By the way, we are always interested in connecting with potential guests, so if you are interested or know someone who may be a great guest, please tag us on their Instagram! @creatorsinsaigon

Now, let’s get into the entrepreneurial approach.

Let me detail more what are the benefits of starting a podcast.

This is only my opinion, and I am definitely not an expert of podcasting, especially today, as I’ve just joined Dana for 2-3 months.

What is a podcast:

To me, a podcast is an audio-show that you can listen to on all the “music apps” such as Spotify, Apple Podcast or Anchor FM and audiobook apps like Scribd, Audible, etc. Some podcasts are also available on Youtube, Facebook and other social medias.

A podcast is usually a conversation with one host and one guest. You can find podcasts about pretty much anything; from business, personal development, entertainment to gardening, travels and politics.

Why you should listen to podcasts:

Podcasts have one very great advantage: it’s an audio show, you can download it and listen to it anywhere, in your car, on your way to work, on the toilets, while cooking, exercising, etc.

What I like about podcast is that you can follow one channel and learning from all the guests experiences that are invited on the show. In some episodes, you will be very interested and literally take notes as if it was a life-lesson. Some others are good for a background conversation, like if you would listen to the radio.

It’s quite convenient and there is tons of choices…

When do people listen to podcasts:

I believe people usually listen to podcast when they are alone and free to listen to an episode.

From my daily use of apps like Spotify, I usually listen to podcasts when I’m on my motorbike, as I usually drive more than an hour every day, it’s time that I never lose. Sometimes, my brain is too occupied to listen to an audiobook, so I’ll listen to a podcast instead; it’s a conversation, it’s more entertaining and I can still listen about a topic I want to learn from.

My favorite show is actually French: The Manal Show and Un Bon Moment. But I also love London Real and other podcasts from Vietnamese or expats based in Vietnam.

My best advice to start a podcast

How to start a podcast – So, I have three advice for people who read this and want to get started:

Advice number one: don’t leave space for procrastination.

Create time in your weekly schedule, to do some tasks related to podcasting. It’s important to create a rythme and have enough time prepared for recording, editing and publishing. My estimation is that for creating one episode of 1H, you will need 6-8 hours on average, but probably 20 hours for the first episode… Of course, if you are a journalist or worked at the radio before or your episodes last 15 minutes, it may take a lot less time!

Advice number two: Equip yourself properly.

You don’t need to invest too much and it’s not necessary to buy the most expensive equipments from the beginning. Actually this would be a mistake. I recommend, for anything you start, to invest the minimum and set rewards if you reach certain milestones. For example, if you reach 1000 downloads, you buy a better mic! If your episode get reshared 20 times by random people, you hire an assitant, etc.

However, don’t under-estimate the sound quality. Make sure you are in a room with no noise; renting a soundproof recording studios are sometimes a good option. The better the sound, the least you need to edit and the more people will listen to it.

Advice number three: Be present, with the guest.

Prepare your topics properly and make some researches about your guests, but don’t prepare too many questions. It’s important to introduce yourself and your guest but lead the conversation with questions. For that, learn to use open-questions but don’t prepare too many. Keep your mind focused on the conversation and try to find questions, based on what the guest is actually saying, as if you were listening to your own episode.

In Tran’s episode, the three of us actually leave a lot of blanks (that may have been cut) because what Tran was saying was quite deep and thoughtful. And it’s alright because you can still edit it or leave it and create a meaningful silence.

You can always share a personal story or prepare a mini-ice breaker or game. Some podcasts have some consistent sections during their podcast, it’s entertaining and keeps the followers waiting for these moments.

But most importantly, be present in the moment. You don’t want your podcast to look (hear) like it’s a police interrogation. Afterall, you can always post and ask your audience for feedback. The best way to be present is to ask questions that you have, to people that have constructive opinions.

creators in saigon tuesi nguyen dana drahos

How creating a podcast can help your business?

Let’s talk about money and business, with 100% authenticity. Again, this is only my view and opinion; Dana and Tue-Si may have a different perspective on this question.

First, don’t do podcasting for the money. Don’t do anything “just for the money”. As an entrepreneur, you are free to choose how to use your time and energy: don’t waste it only on things that makes money.

I’m not saying not to make money, ey!

I mean; do a podcast about topics that you are genuily interested in. If not, you are going to quit after seeing all the hard work and being stuck with your first challenge. What will keep you motivated on the long run, will not be the money, but the passion for the people you meet, the project itself and the community that you animate.

Chances are, as an entrepreneur, passionated about your business activity, it could be a great idea to start podcasting! You will be able to reach a larger audience, meet people from your industry and gain from this experience.

For example, Dana started Creators in Saigon because she… wait a minute. She actually explains it in the episode dedicated to her. Go listen to it!

Podcasting is great tool for Networking

As far as I am concerned, I am 100% motivated because I meet amazing creators in my favorite city in the world: Saigon!

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 6 years in HCMC and living in Vietnam since 2012. I know my way around, but I am always impressed and interested in the people I meet, everyday.

This podcast is an opportunity for me to have deeper conversation with successful and creative people, who share their stories and inspires me.

As a Coach for Entrepreneurs, I am always interested in asking questions related to how people got their ideas, got started and transformed their thoughts into opportunities. I really think that if you listen to people who achieved this, it’s inspiring and you may take actions and dare to jump-in!

That is all for me today, I am always interested in learning more about your entrepreneur’s stories and how you get problem solved, what makes you anxious, how you come up with ideas, what problems do you face… so please reach out to me if you want to get a coffe or talk on the phone!

And of course, listen to Tue-Si’s, Dana’s and I’s beautiful voices here!