Have you ever asked yourself: “Why not creating a podcast?”

Here is a few resources to motivate you to start your own podcast now!

Creating a podcast in 2023 has never been easier. Just download “Anchor” app and start recording. It’s that easy. And afterwards, of course, you can improve your equipments and the processes. Honestly there is no better way if you are a total beginner in this to start with anchor. It will automatically post it on several platforms for you and you will be able to do everything from your phone.

After one year doing podcast co-host,

I learned to do audio editing and met so many interesting people in the creative saigon community. This one year experience as a podcast co-host has taught me that I was struggling at asking questions and listening to others ! Or I should say, that by asking questions and by listening to others stories, I could really reflect on my own personal perspective of things and this was very insightful.

Read to the article introducing Creators in Vietnam podcast and my experience as a co-host.

If you ever consider creating a blog or a podcast for your business. I wrote about a quick comparison of the two here: blog versus podcast for evergreen content.

Why not creating a podcast Nicolas Thanh Creators in Saigon