During Covid Pandemic, I transitioned from Owning a Hostel to become an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Project Manager and a new dad.

Up until today, I haven’t shared much about my life transition from hospitality pre-covid to IT industry post-covid and my new family life. But what I do everyday is more aligned with my life goals.

I am not a business owner anymore. I am hired full time for Komit based in Saigon who is providing Odoo IT Consulting. On a daily basis I am helping other business owners to optimise their operations, automate their activities and gain visibility to scale their business. It’s one of the challenges I was obsessed with when operating my hostel. Now I can redirect this energy to help others and Odoo itself is a great tool for this purpose.

I made this decision to stop building more businesses myself so that I can earn a stable income, eliminate the entrepreneur stress and have more time for my family. Today my perspective on entrepreneurship has shifted. I bring my ideas to my team and we decide to turn them into opportunities or not.