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Review of our family trip to South Korea

Many friends asked me about how was South Korea. So, I decided to write a full article about different aspects of the trip, hoping it can help you making the decision of visiting soon or not and answering the burning questions of where to visit, how much budget to prepare and how it is in general.

My 2023 secret project ✍️

A few years ago, upon starting this blog, I...

My transition in life during covid-19 pandemic

During Covid-19 crisis, I faced my biggest transition in life so far. I went from hospitality to IT Project Management and became a father!

Blog Review 2021 – My First Year of Blogging

Blog Review 2021 – My First Year of Blogging

Let’s check how many articles I posted, how many views I got, etc. But most importantly, why some articles performed better than others? Was it expected? And what lessons I could learn from this one year experience…

I will also take the change to share with you my plans for 2022, and how you can become a part of this adventure.

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