Introduction of the French Expat Vietnam community

It’s the most interesting Community of Expatriates in Vietnam 😉 !

In Vietnam, due to its history with French Colonialism, the relationship between the two country has remained strong and active. As of today, the French expatriates officially registered as living in Vietnam to the French Consulate are between 7000 and 10,000 people.

So we are one of the largest community of foreigners living in Vietnam; I think the first ones are either Koreans, Japanese or Chinese.

Our Facebook Group French Expat Vietnam is the perfect entry spot to the French Community in Vietnam!


French Expat Vietnam is a facebook group in the first place and attract between 5-10 new members everyday. We are one of the largest group on Facebook for french expatriates in Vietnam.

The French Expat Vietnam community is the entrance door to any newcomer in Vietnam who has questions about how to start living in Vietnam.

Now we even have a website:

The most recent things we have done for the community is a free starter guide to Vietnam.

I have gathered the 20 most frequent asked questions and asked them to 6 long term expatriates and complied the answers into a free guide that other fellow french future expatriates can download.

Otherwise, everyday many new member ask different questions about entering to Vietnam and becoming an expat in Vietnam in the group.

French Expat Vietnam Free Starter Guide Nicolas Thanh