Without acceptance, something is not right in your life.

I used to think that if I would “accept” things easily, it would make me a weak person. Or I used to think that if it’s not “difficult” then it’s not deserved. I wasted many years like this; thinking that life shouldn’t be easy, that if you wanted results you had to work hard, etc.

For example, I remember trying so hard to be “stress-free and healthy”. But meanwhile, not accepting that my surrounding reality wasn’t suitable for such a lifestyle. I was staying at my own hostel, partying with my own guests and living like if I was in holidays everyday… while working on 3-5 different projects at the same time and trying to have a sain love relationship. And then, wondering why all this wasn’t working, even when putting more energy to it. I had to because I was scared to be considered weak or not able to conduct my own life.

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Acceptance versus Resistance.

But at some point I had no more energy left. And I had to let go of everything. And suddenly, what a release!! I had more free time. I could see my energy level rising up again. My relationship becoming stronger… etc. Why was it so easy suddenly? Could it be possible that if you stop resisting to things, if you stop trying to control everything, then you actually live a better life?

“Stop resisting”. That was my first breakthrough. Because when you search for the definition of resistance you understand that resistance is the contrary of acceptance:

What is resistance? It’s “the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument.” So then I searched for acceptance.

What is acceptance? “to take what is offered; admit and agree to (a proposal, etc.).”

So if you don’t accept something, you resist to it. (read this again please)
And accepting the reality doesn’t mean you are weak or you are losing control. And even if that could mean this… then let people say, judge. It’s part of the acceptance journey. What matters is that you feel aligned, released, focused, full of energy and that you do things that you actually enjoy.

If you want to get started on this, start by investing in yourself. How to invest in yourself?

  • Spend sometimes for yourself everyday; even 5 minutes in the morning or before bed.
  • Exercise, drink water, sleep; even a short nap, read books, talk to random people, smile, etc. it’s very basic, but this helps you to understand who you are.
  • You can also take my free 3 days challenge! You will learn to reclaim your time, know how to organize your days better and focus more to kill procrastination. Link here.

More on Acceptance on Creators in Vietnam Podcast

And I would like to share with you this beautiful conversation I had with Tue-Si Nguyen, host at Creators in Vietnam Podcast. He also went through this process of self-awareness. And from his questions in this episode, he allowed me to share my journey on acceptance. You will learn a little more about acceptance and resistance.

Bottom line, keep investing in yourself & learning about yourself.

Check the full episode here: