Challenge: Can You Make 100.000$ Before The End Of The Year?

by Mar 10, 2022Scale Operations

“Can I make 100.000$ Before the end of the year?”

The idea sounds crazy right…

I am sure many entrepreneurs in this world, wonder how they can make a million USD. But how many are actually getting rich with their business?

I have decided to ask this question today and try answering it, as if I would setup a vision to make it happen and concretly build up my strategy and action-plan around this crazy idea.

So that you know, this blog is my side hustle. I don’t make any money with it…yet.

Actually, my goal this year is to start monetizing this blog. But at the beginning of the year I was just thinking making a few bucks to pay the bills…

With this question, everything can change!

But if you think about it…

If you think about it: if you manage to sell a product or a service priced at 1000$ to 100 people… tadaaa, it would make 100,000 USD.

Of course, this would not be worth to sell something 1000$ if the costs are 900$… you would make only 10,000 USD profits. Even if 10k is better than 0, this exercise here implies that I pocket 100k at least.

Now the question is, what product or service? To who and who would accept?

My first answer to this would be to sell a digital product, a high profit margin product…

A course!? I’ve always wanted to sell an online course…

Selling a 1000$ course to 100 people?!

After 5 seconds, I have already a topic idea: it’s pretty clear that my real success in my career/life is my previous hostel experience.

I could sell a course on “how to successfully run your hostel!”

Okay, I must define “successful” because this could mean anything…

With my hostel experience, I am proud of 3 things I have accomplished:

  • I had a lot of free time: I wasn’t obliged to work and my business operations where mostly delegated, scheduled and automated.
  • I was independent, meaning making more profits: not depending on social medias or travel agencies to generate revenues. My customers were reaching out to me directly to book.
  • I was ranking number 1 after 2 years of running the business and stay among top-10 on all booking platforms with an average guest review score of 9.5/10 cumulating about 1000 reviews.

It took me two years to learn how to do these three things. It took a lot of time, energy and dedication. I believe I could share how I did it, help other business owners to reach similar results within a 1000$ online course!

Quick calculation: 1000$ as a hostel owner in Saigon is roughly 200 nights revenues. If you are in London, it’s probably 50 nights. So you would re-invest the revenues of 50-200 nights to get the training to bring your hostel to the top!

The question now is: how to pitch it correctly and who could actually be interested.

Finding a 100 hostel owners to buy my course…

My target for this course would be 100 hostel owners (maybe physical business owners…) who struggle with their operations and want to rank higher, reduce their workload, get better reviews, provide more consistent services, generate more profits, etc.

Basically they want their hostel to run, generate great and stable revenues without having to carry the entire burden of the workload.

I could guide them, teach them by sharing how I did it and how they could do it too.

I’ve already wrote a small free-book on how to make passive income and generate online sales for physical business owners!

This book is based on my hostel experience and I offer it to download for free in the form at the bottom of this page! Scroll down to register.

Learning to create a course, a course worth 1000$ and sharing my journey?!

I need to learn to create the course; how to make videos, create a syllabus or a curiculum, find some homeworks or case studies, gather testimonials and more… It’s going to be a long journey…

I want this course to be priced 1000$… which means the value must be equivalent if not more! I will have to ensure this is worth it and my “students” who take this course will not be disapointed!

As I have never made any course myself this is going to be a great challenge.

But I am thinking about two things to make it happen!

  1. I’ve studied a lot in my life. So I know how a course is made from the student point of view… I learned 3 languages and I’ve done some online course already… so I can try analysing how these different courses were made and how I learned myself. I could also take a course on how to make my own course….
  2. BETTER IDEA: I also could keep sharing my progress with other business owners and entrepreneurs, to get feedback, ideas and support on this journey… At the same time, because I share the problem, it’s going to be interesting to see how I solve them. This way I could also help others to solve their similar problems too.

What do you think of this second option?

Follow my daily progress and support me!

I think I can do it.

I’ve personaly done and achieved the results I am promising to these 100 hostel owners. I can teach them what took me 2 years to master in a full course.

The learning curve is steep and the hours left are rather few.

But I have the passion, I have the will and I can see myself succeeded.

I think it’s worth trying… Because making my first online course is going to be hard anyway. I’d rather make real money than a few hundreds of dollars… don’t you think ?

I want to share this journey with other entrepreneurs, with you.

So here is the deal!

You can fill in the form below and you will be able to start receiving regular email updates on this crazy project. It’s going to be about what I am learning hoping that you can also apply it to your business too!

It’s not an everyday email, it’s more when there will be some news to share about…

And as a bonus, you can download my free book on how to make passive income and generate online revenues from a physical business:

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To register: fill the form above, check your emails, you will get access to my book for free as a bonus!

This book could be helpful for you. And also for your favorite pizza joint, clothing shop or neighbor bakery. It’s not only for hostel owners.

Physical businesses like coffees or clubs usually struggle to make online sales and passive income, so it’s a great introduction to what I am going to share about in my emails.

All of this projet, as a side hustle…

Because an important parameter in this challenge is that I am working full time as an ERP Project Manager, and I love what I am doing. This brings me stability and peace of mind to know that I have a stable income every month, in a company where I can learn and grow as a professional.

It’s impossible to envision myself leaving my job and risking everything in this crazy adventure. I am not 20 year-old anymore, I cannot jump-in as if there was no tomorrow.

So I will challenge myself to make 100k USD as a side hustle; working on this 1h per day, for the rest of the year. This means exactly, as of today: 295 days so let’s say 300 hours!

I have 300 hours to learn how to make 100,000 USD by selling a 1000$ course to 100 hostel owners!

I have 300 days. It’s 9 months. I have plenty of time… or not… let’s go step by step and see what happen. I am exited to learn, to share this with you and to start making money with this blog too!

That’s it for me here…

Fill the form to start getting the updates on the project and download the free ebook! See you in your inbox or on my next article!