How Far Writing One Hour Every Day Can bring me?

by Sep 15, 2021About Nicolas Thành

How Far Writing One Hour Every Day Can bring me?

by Sep 15, 2021About Nicolas Thành

I’ve decided to write everyday for one hour in the morning.

Everyday, before I start working, I will sit at my desk and write articles on this blog. The idea is to answer questions I ask myself as an entrepreneur and publish them as blog articles. In a way, my goal is to publish a public FAQ dedicated to the entrepreneur’s journey.

So, How Far Writing These Q&A For One Hour Every Day Can Bring Me?

In a way, after asking some friends about this idea, their answers were so varied that I’m sure I will end up “somewhere” and that it only depends on me.

But I don’t want to be too “goal oriented” for this one, my inner self tells me that there is more to it than just setting goals and going for it…

Let’s explore a bit more what I want to write about and what could be potential outcomes or goals I’d be looking for when writing every day.

First step: building the habit of writting.

What I have learned over the years is that if you want something that seems impossible, you have to start small and move toward that goal step by step.

To me, it’s easy to get lost in your own “dream-goals” and let the days pass and realise you haven’t done anything toward any of them.

And when this happen, it’s frustrating. Some of us, may give up on these “dreams” because they seem too big. Others may say you are a procrastinator. Basically, you just blame yourself (if it’s not someone else blaming you) for not doing what you said you would or for stagnating.

Usually this goes like this: You set some goals that are too broad or too blur… “I want to become the number one blablabla” or “I want to become more healthy”. You may be proud of yourself for setting this goals and good on you. It’s good to have goals and it’s very important actually.

Then, the next step we usually take is to “take action” or foreseen what we would need to do to reach that goal. And usually that’s where most of us get lost, overwhelmed and give up. Why? because we realize it’s hard, we realize we need to make choices, we need to change some things, we need to make sacrifices, etc.

What if there would be another way, a way to “become number one” or to “become more healthy” that doesn’t require ANY sacrifices and would happen smoothly?

Well, that’s why habits matter.

By implementing small habits everyday, you train yourself, your mind and your body to move toward that goals, one step at a time.

It’s not about becoming number one NOW, it’s about being on your way to the top, step by step.

So the key to “be a man of your words” is to define what would be the smallest step you can do on a daily basis in order to achieve your goals. Then, get started.

And for me, this is going to be writing. I want to start writting everyday, for one hour in the morning, before I start working.

Why would I want to write one hour per day?

What’s my dream goal like?

I realized that as an entrepreneur I am solving problems on a daily basis. Meanwhile, it’s hard to find impactful resources and the proper support system to strenghten my game and stay ahead.

And this is a problem we all have from day one. It’ll stay with us during our entire career.

So that’s why I decided to build this Q&A and share it with other entrepreneurs. I aim at providing an ongoing support, no matter where you are in your entrepreneurship journey.

In the future, I may organize some workshop, trainings, bootcamps, gatherings, seminars, etc.

Actually, I’ve already tried to organize some gatherings or create some groups. But despite my good intentions and my great network of friends, I realized that it takes a lot of energy and without a larger community behind, this was difficult to organize.

I needed to be more prepared.

So this blog is my in-real-life training field. I’m going to test my limits by building this habit and sharing as many advice and tips I know about entrepreneurs problems.

By the way, why entrepreneurs have so many problems?

If you think about it, it’s totally normal. Why? Because a business exist to solve a client’s problem.

The more problems you solve the more value you add, the more money you make.

So “problems” are viewed as opportunities by entrepreneurs. Not that we love problems… but there is always an opportunity in solving one client’s problem.

And to create that opportunity, we need to better adapt, to constantly learn and sharpen our decision making process.

That is why, to me, any entrepreneur, at any level, needs support in his problem solving process.

But in the end, I cannot predict what will happen and that’s the beauty of creating a new positive habit, with a meaningful mission underneath.

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How Far Writing One Hour Every Day Can bring me Nicolas Thanh

Thank you for reading until the end!

Every morning, after my meditation 🧘🏽and my breakfast ☕️, I sit at my desk for one hour and write answers to my own questions, as an entrepreneur ✍️. Then I publish it on this blog, hoping to help other entrepreneurs to find answers to their questions too. And this, no matter your “level”.

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