Stop Thinking Entrepreneurship is From Zero To Hero Journey

by Sep 2, 2021Start your business

Stop Thinking Entrepreneurship is From Zero To Hero Journey

by Sep 2, 2021Start your business

We often hear people saying “from zero to hero”. Just to illustrate that they started with nothing and ended with everything.

The reality of your entrepreneur’s journey might more be like mine: often swinging between two states of mind: exitement and struggle.

Basically, exitement is when you are “the hero”. You are happy, full of confidence and very efficient. Feeling proud of having achieved something and rewarding yourself for it.

And the struggle state is when you’re “the zero”. Procrastinating, making poor decisions, failing and feeling unsecured. It’s the beginning of a new challenge, you may not exactly know how to handle it and it’s hard to be comfortable in this situation.

For many years, I was just going from exitements to struggles, to exitements again. I was always rushing. To me, there got to be a way to be the hero. I wanted to avoid at all cost to be a zero.

When I was in one state of mind, I was worrying about what was next; would it be exitement or struggle? how can I avoid struggle? how can I stay exited?

Until one day,

I realized that exitements and struggles are both part of the entrepreneur’s life.

From that moment, I wanted to stop going up and down. The true discovery I made was that all I had to do was to accept it as my reality.

By accepting, you stop being surprised.

You start taking your time and enjoy the present moment.

When you are full of confidence, you embrace it, you observe it as a powerful force that will lead you in your decision making, in empowering others around you.

And when you are doubting, you also embrace it and accept that doubts are too, welcome to join you on your journey. But instead of worrying about your own doubts, you step back and observe them as beautiful as they are; as a part of your journey.

But wait,

It took me years to understand that and to learn how to react to it. I am still learning about acceptance and how to deal with my own thoughts.

My message for today is that,

If you happen to be in one of these states of mind right now; whether you are feeling like a hero or a zero. Imagine that there is a circle including both of these states; and I call it acceptance.


It’s a bit like ying and yang.

So it’s time for you to pause for a moment, take a deep breath, smile at yourself and say “hi!” to your hero and your zero within yourself. And let them know that you accept them as they are, as a part of you.

And when you will go back to your project today, know that they are both here for you.

That’s it for me today, tomorrow I want to talk about “the zero” and especially to talk about failures. Because if there is one useful thing of having a “zero” within us, is that he is good at teaching us failure. Article available here

Thank you for reading until the end!

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