How to deal with uncertainties: The 4 foundations of an Antifragile System (The system I am building)

by Jun 4, 2022Self Care & Lead

How to deal with uncertainties: The 4 foundations of an Antifragile System (The system I am building)

by Jun 4, 2022Self Care & Lead

I want to introduce today the notion of “antifragile entrepreneur” or “antifragile system”.

Building a life where you are not just indestructible.

Definition of Antifragile: “Antifragility is a property of systems in which they increase in capability to thrive as a result of stressors, shocks, volatility, noise, mistakes, faults, attacks, or failures.” The concept was developed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book, Antifragile. (Wikipedia)

With the years, I’ve become more and more obsessed with the idea of becoming “extraordinary”. Or becoming someone who can be the best version of himself. And that is how today, I am realizing that there is something beyond extraordinary and it’s called “antifragile”.

Have you ever heard of the phrase: “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”? It’s pretty much what this antifragile system is about. Or it’s the same than the famous sentence “be like water my friend” from Bruce Lee. I will detail a lot more about this “antifragile” concept in my article.

Why becoming “indestructible” will never be enough?

When you aim at becoming more robust, you are making huge efforts to protect yourself from a few identified problems or eventualities, but that will never be enough.

With the “become unbreakable” approach, you might always face problems you cannot anticipate and that are sometimes beyond your control. Your solution to your problems are to control or resist to any eventuality.

Resistance to shocks can only protect you on the short term.

You must learn to be adaptive.

You must learn to deal with problems.

Deal with the unknown.

Deal with the uncertainties of our world.

How to deal with uncertainties: The 4 foundations of an Antifragile System (The system I am building)

Fail-Safe Learning System (the more you fail, the more you learn, the more you learn, the more you succeed)

From having 1000 ideas a day and cannot choose which one to start with to an efficient decision maker who is able to quickly identify opportunities and taking action steps to start new ideas confidently.

You need a system where it’s ok to fail, and failure is actually seen as a great opportunity to learn and to improve.

It’s a system where not only you become stronger, but you are more and more agile, accepting, flowing with the surroundings. This means that any external or internal event is going to be absorbed by your system and your system is going to extract the best juice for you to keep moving forward with your project and your ideas.

Entrepreneurship is a succession of ups and downs, and it’s a cycle of experiences, learnings and failures. So we better learn to adapt to it and embrace the changes, even if uncomfortable.

My first internship agency (and first business) faced a lot of failures, until we accepted to face our problems and learn our lessons. Then, only then, it could turn into another opportunity and I transformed this business with a better business model, that eventually lead me to own and manage one of the best hostel in Saigon.

Killer Productivity System (becoming extraordinary, keeping yourself on track, staying motivated, productive and stop procrastinating)

From a natural leader who struggle to delegate to others and is mostly overwhelmed with todos to a reliable team player, respected and organised manager who can drive his team with confidence and method.

Inspiration, motivation, brain power, etc. they all have something in common: it goes by waves… and it’s hard for most of us to control our motivation or our inspiration.

But you can learn to trigger it and to train your brain to activate itself so that you become consistently productive.

In this part of this system, you learn to build habits, build a productivity system that helps you progress, at a steady pace, learning to set goals, smash these goals, set new goals and smash them again.

Meanwhile, putting aside procrastination and other noises that comes in your way of becoming an extraordinary entrepreneur.

In this system: what you do is far more important than how you do it.

Bullet Proof Mental & Physical Health (Fuel your body and mind correctly, invest in yourself, take time to practice a sport or tickle your brain, become mentally and physically strong, ability to stay focus, deep work, free your mind, become stress free, sleep well, etc.)

From highly motivated and full of energy but with clear lack of self discipline and self care. No personal time for family, friends, sport or even properly dating to a blooming person, not only highly productive at work but stress-free, with enough personal time to take care of its body and love ones on the long run.

Putting back at the center of your life your mental and physical health.

It’s a crucial step to fix all your other problems.

In this part, we learn to sleep better, to eat better, to regularly use our muscles, to surround ourselves with great friends and family, to find mentors and to become strong, solid, stable, confident, focused, etc.

Lifestyle Design (Learn about yourself, what you truly desire and want to become and design a life you really dream of)

From quite anxious and stressed all the time, even though you love your lifestyle to someone both present in the moment and confident about the future.

Here you nurture your end goals in life.

You learn to put into reality your life vision.

It’s all about adventures and small things that makes yourself smile and happy at the end of the day.

Imagine that you could achieve anything, then this transformation is meant to lead you there.

Find your Ikigai. Transform your Ikigai into motion.

This System itself is Antifragile.

These 4 pillars are not my pillars. I only took the time to write this article. Now they are yours.

Your new antifragile system allows you to transform failures into opportunities, smash all your goals, become extraordinary and live the life you are dreaming of.

And more.

I am highly inspired by the books I read, the people around me. And this article is meant to inspire you so you can also build your own antifragile system.

Best case scenario is in 10 years, we meet again and you show me your antifragile system and I learn from it and we both grow.

This notion of antifragility is changing everything.

You don’t apply a recipe, you create it. And it tastes much better at the end.